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Who are we?

Eleven Years Of Experience In Various Cases

In a nutshell, trading in the name and style of B.S. MABASO INCORPORATED, we are a growing law firm based in the capital city of KwaZulu-Natal Province, Pietermaritzburg.  Established in 2013, we have managed to amass considerable experience in the provision of various legal services including, without being limited to, civil litigation, legal advice, land and property related matters, law of contract, criminal law and so forth. 

We will offer to the client a law firm with the depth of resources, capabilities and experience to support their day-to-day business needs and long-term strategies, locally, nationally and internationally.

BS Mabaso Incorporated has been a legal service provider to the client as well as other district and local municipalities for a number of years, during those years, we have provided practical legal solutions that have helped the client succeed and we again pledge our commitment to providing an improved service to the client.

The above human capital dedicated to the client will be supported by a strong infrastructural support to ensure that the resources are always available when required by the client.

Company Shareholding

BS Mabaso Incorporated is Level One, 100% black owned (135% B-BEE procurement recognition). BS Mabaso Attorneys was established in the year 2013 as a private legal practice by Mr. Sphamandla Brains Mabaso. Mr. Sphamandla Brains Mabaso has invested and dedicated his life into this establishment by actively managing the day to day running and operation of the business.

B-BBEE Compliance

BS Mabaso Incorporated supports the empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals hence we have level 3 rating.

Fidelity Funds Certificate

BS Mabaso Incorporated holds a valid Fidelity Funds Certificate; this ensures that the interests of our clients are protected by our regulatory legal body.

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